Marcus Glenn Cheney Medvyd IV
3nd level Ranger worshiper of the Green Faith and Eristal

Marcus, as he is called by his friends and associates is, an open
young man from the lands of the Medvyds.

Marcus is the 7th and middle child and the 3rd son born to that
noble family.
Young Medvyd trained, at an early age, under the tutelage of one of his
fathers most trusted wardens of their lands. As with all of the Medvyd,
Marcus grows up with a reverence for nature and the creatures that
inhabited the forest that made of his family lands. He has a strong
respect for nature and follows the customs of his family faithfully, even
when lands of then his own.
At the same time, as the middle child, Marcus, when not seeing to
family interest, was left to his own interest, and never was given any
real consideration to succession, as his elder brothers and sister were
competent and devoted members of the family and, either of them,
would step into their father’s place when the time came for such.
This lack of direction left the
young man with a good deal of
personal time which, when not
called to serve his family. He
spent in the nearest town,
enjoying life, and his friends, in
local ale halls. In spite of his
frequenting such places he made
sure to never get into any
situation that would bring
dishonor to his family or their

It was not till an chance
encounter with a few roughens
and a besieged Oracle did the
young man, come to realize how
-less he really was, and
deep down, it distressed him.
After his aid, he became friends
with the young woman, he made
it known she was willing to help
him find his place in the world,
that would be his, and not just
his, under his family’s name.
Marcus stands an, amazing 6’3 ½,
leading some of his friends and
family, to joking wonder if he
did not have some Troll or Ogre
blood in him. Though the near
carrot color of his hair makes
some quip it is more like an
enchanted carrot had dropped
him off in the family nursery. All
this is said in fun and jest and
Marcus takes it as such and, at
times, will repeat those jest about
himself. Especially, when his
gangly body would trip over
itself when he did not pay
attention to where he was going,
or doing.

Another striking thing about the
young man, is his eyes, they are a
very pale, pale green that, at
times, will appear to be gray. The
gray seems to seep in, when
Marcus is at rest, meditating, or is
very contemplative.